Nobody understands it.

We talked for thirty minutes.

Do you have a dog?

He lost the will to carry on.

Loren noticed Jock and went over to talk to her.

He caught the ball.

The title to the house passed from father to son.

Don't tell me he's dead.

Have you checked your email today?

We're safe here.

Shannon doesn't know the difference between good and evil.

I play the guitar in my spare time.

She complained to him about the food.

Hey, Mimi! How's it going?


He is very strong--so much so that no one can defeat him.

I thought it was funny.

Marshall is totally clueless.


I have enough money to buy this book.

My wife and I like to go out for Chinese food once in a while.

It goes without saying that diligence is a key to success.

Linder coughed violently.

We couldn't help laughing at his joke.

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Raymond has made up his mind to buy that car.

The blue fox is in the zoo.

Roberto resigned.

The task will be accomplished in a year.

Polly went swimming in the ocean.

They came together.

Collin is a great raconteur and is such fun to be around.

The chick is hatching.

I wanted Tandy to help me.

I tried to tell Manjeri what needed to be done, but he didn't seem to be paying attention.

Can I ask who?


Leif and Raphael did not want to wait.

He read the poem again.

I want to dive off the cliff.

This one is similar to that one.

Thomas is very clever at work.

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Einstein showed that mass can be converted into energy and vice-versa.

When do you leave here?

The bus was hot and crowded.


This young couple is in love.


Do you think this is stupid?

She was very surprised at his sudden defiant attitude.

I had a strange experience last night.

Edith is a doctor now.

It isn't easy to teach little kids.


We sat down face to face.


I'll answer all your questions.


Our teacher is fresh out of college.

There's only room for one.

If you are hungry, you can eat the bread.

Those aren't tacos.

You can have anything in this room.

It was sad.

Look, I can handle this.

Gregor has the measles.

It's time for Spudboy to understand how we want things done.

It is bright and clear.

I held on to the rope firmly as not to fall.


What was so valuable?

Do you feel hungry?

There are also high-quality Bordeaux wines which everybody can treat themselves to.

What did Celeste bring?

I don't apologize for anything.

Dominick told me that he was sorry that he had said such awful things to me.

You can ride with me.


Ritalynne sat near the fire, playing his guitar.


The violinist waits for the signal to play.

That isn't accurate.

Beverly was lying when he said he didn't know No.


I'll come back by the morning.

Many people lost their homes after the earthquake.

The Board of Education governs the schools.


How could you tell Phill was bluffing?

I have said no such thing.

The plane flew over the island.


There is yet time.

Can't you do anything to stop it?

I bought him a tie.


Suu won't eat that.


Too many cooks spoil the broth.

I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to write to you.

I'll keep it for him.

Raymond hurried so he wouldn't miss the train.

Although she practised every afternoon, her tennis didn't improve at all.

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Bradford lives really far from here.

Today has been a good day.

My father went to Hong Kong on business.

The girl at the door is Lucy.

Awaiting your quick response . . .

What wrong did you receive from me, that you are now scheming against me?

She shot Rusty.

In this case, the adjective goes before the noun.

She saw a young man at the entrance.

I thought you'd be much fatter.

Timothy will try it.

They haven't unpacked their trunks yet.

A lightyear is the distance that light travels in one year.

Little did I dream that I would see you here.

I've told them everything.


He is studying hard.

I agree with everything Shel said at the meeting.

I'm worried that Shawn will get lost.

I don't want word of this getting around.

It's very cold here in January.

I've never even seen a koala before.

I guess I'm lucky to be alive.

She was born just a generation past slavery. A time when there were no cars on the road or planes in the sky, when someone like her couldn't vote for two reasons: because she was a woman, and because of the color of her skin.

Tomorrow it will be closed.


I need to go feed the chicken.

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I'm just a man.

Marian bought a very good camera.

Have you ever seen a whale?

Gunter asked me who had painted the picture that was hanging on my wall.

I'll see you on Monday.

What are you into these days?

I can't believe nobody has put this song up yet on all of YouTube.

Gerald thinks I can do the job.

The dragon breathed fire and exhaled its sooty ashen remains.


He is studying hard for fear he should fail.


It's the right size.

Tell her your theory.

Oh no! I wasn't paying attention and left my cell phone in the restaurant!


May I suggest another strategy?

How ingenious!

Smoking is dangerous to health.

Ronald is making a list of things that need to be done.

I'm 30 and have a 13-year-old daughter.

Every morning I eat a bowl of oatmeal.

You don't have to tell that to your parents.

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I don't have any pain at all.

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What did you do to yourself?


Nobody called us.


What are you feeling?

I'll write to you or I'll phone you next week.

I heard that Brad is sick.


The book I bought last week was really interesting.

I have nothing to declare.

This has been great.

I have done everything I could do.

It's important to take cultural relativism into account before judging another culture.


He's missed the boat.

He has yet to get in touch with his mother.

It's awfully hot in here.


We're in the same business.

I have a big problem.

He's studying English.

You haven't told him, have you?

I'm pretty sure Troy will be hungry.

The apple fell!

Someone opened the door.

I cut my finger peeling potatoes.

He enjoys watching baseball games on TV.

A day has 86,400 seconds.

Let's get down to business.

I'll tell him you're ready.

Get to work. These sandbags won't fill themselves.


Nobody else was there.

Have you ever left your office open?

I am ironing my dress.

We want the facts.

The man suspected of murdering Conrad has been arrested by the police.

I think Konrad is weak.

Does Todd ever tell how to do your job?

I watched television yesterday.

I thought Po had talked Vaughn out of buying that.